Examples Of Corruption Of Power In Macbeth

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Throughout the play Macbeth there are plenty of examples of corruption of power, the character that shows corruption of power the most in the play is Macbeth. Throughout the play, you can see Macbeth get greedier for power and as you continue reading the play you can see Macbeth's thirst for power. Macbeth kills the king so he could be next in line to become king, he kills Banquo, his companion, to cover his tracks of killing the king so Banquo could not get suspicious about the death of Duncan. The final example of corruption of power is when Macbeth gets the power of being king he leads troops into a battle he believes he can’t lose. "Stars, hide your fires; / Let not light see my black and deep desires"(1.4.50-51). This quote shows how

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