How Does Stanley Affect The Outcome Of A Streetcar Named Desire

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When talking about Streetcars Named Desire the book is full of choices for the characters. When talking about specific characters the ones who I think show the most are Stanley and Blanche. But some people say that the choice of the characters is forced and they don't have feel will on the choices Let's talk about Stanley he is a rough, dominant type of person you can't see that by the way he treats Stella his wife. He shows no respect toward her treating her like meat. (You could not. Why don’t you women go up and sit with Eunice) scene 3. Stanley just wants to show off that he runs his house in front of his friends and that he had too much to drink. But Stanley is also trying to assert dominance against Blanche because she doesn't take it from him and Blanche …show more content…

This shows that Stanley could have been a nicer person to Stella and Blanche but he chose not to because he went to show off to his friend and to control the situation. But many people said that Stanley and how he acts is based on the time he is in and that he had no choice. Because this play was written in 1947 that's when women's rights just got established but you know it takes a while to take hold. Blanche has choices too she made that end up in Stella's house Blanche was a wealthy school teacher because she had inherited from a wealthy family but when she was evicted from her house and the money was gone she still tries to keep the look of being rich and spent all her money so she had to move in with Stella and Stanley but she still wants people to think that she is wealth. Which makes her feel like she is better than everyone else and Stanley hates Blanche because of that which provokes Stanley and at the very end of the book we can see that Stanley and Blanche are alone and Blachne had too much to drink so Stanley went for power

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