How Does Steinbeck Present Prejudice In Of Mice And Men

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John Steinbeck’s novella, Of Mice and Men, depicts race as a critical factor to the dominance of people during this time period. Racism is presented most evidently in chapter four by the treatment of Crooks, the stable buck. Crook’s and his fellow workers discussed ambitions in his quarters, which happened to be separate from the others clearly due to his skin tone. As the men conversed topics regarding the near future, Curley’s wife abruptly barged into the area searching for her husband. Noting the peril with which Curley’s wife is associated with, Crook’s suggests she depart. As she refuses to leave, and continues to harass Lennie, Crook’s acknowledges his room being his only possession, commanding her to depart. As the two bicker, Curley’s

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