Stereotypes In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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I've chosen to do my essay on "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. Written in 1937 this work of literature displays many different stereotypes that help to achieve the author's purpose. Some examples of this are Curley and his temper, Lennie's and his intelligence level, and Curley's wife and her appearance. In this essay I hope to show you how their character helps to successfully accomplish the goals that make this a work of classical literature. For starters, Curley is portrayed as a privileged short guy with fast hands and a quicker temper. From the start we can assume that his anger stems from the gnawing truth of his napoleon complex which causes him to target Lennie. This allows for the first idea of future conflict that may approach for the two main characters. "Curley's like a lot of little guys. He hates big guys". Chapter2 pg. 26. This fact is personified by the foreshadowed trouble Curley bring at the end of Chapter 2. "Curley popped into the doorway again and stood looking into the room. The dog raised his head, but when Curley jerked out the grizzled head sank to the floor again". Chapter 2 pg. 37. This mixed with Lennie's childlike mind cause a problem. …show more content…

This also means that his lack of knowledge both intellectual and common-sense leaves him with a disadvantage in situations that most people know when to stop or not to somethings. " I turns to Lennie and says, "jump in". An' he jumps. Couldn't swim a stroke". Chapter 3 pg. 40. Things like this make him the perfect victim of an unforgiving time and circumstances. I feel that Steinbeck knew that this made for the perfect protagonist of his story, that and placing him with the wife of a man who despises Lennie was only frosting on a

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