How Haida Cooked Their Food

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Food -Deer had many uses, their meat is eaten fresh and smoke dried. -The easiest way to hunt seals was to sneak up on the seal that was basking in the sun. -In the summer, they would eat elk, bear, salmon or even mountain goats. -For the Haida, they would consume shellfish and sea mammals which were the staples for them. Berries root, eggs and birds were hunted to enrich this ocean diet. -Secwepemc picked leaves from the Labrador tea shrubs and dried for use in regular or mint tea. -The Haida cooked their food by using heated rocks inside cedar boxes or heated rocks inside baskets full of water. Shelter -Haida houses were constructed of red cedar with framework of stout corner posts that supported massive beams. -The frame was clad with wide planks. …show more content…

-The Secwepemc people slept on tree branches and matts that were laid out on the floor for their comfort while fur and hide provided a warm covering. -The Secwepemc lived in permanent pit houses in the winter and the portable lodges that resembled teepees in the summer months. -Some Haida villages had as many as 30 longhouses with up to 1000 people living there. Clothes -The Haida clans clothing was usually made from yellow or red cedar dark. The Haida women wore skirts and capes and men wore capes. -The Haida women wore hats from split spruce roots and the men painted them with forms of animals, using mostly with red and white small touches of green and blue. -All Secwepemc wore fur coats, capes, cans, mittens, socks and leggings for extra warmth in winter. -Women’s buckskin dresses were decorated with porcupine quills, bone beads, shells and elk teeth. -The Secwepemc also wore headbands and headgear. -The Haida also had large elk skin capes that were decorated with paint and figs. -The Secwepemc footwear was made from the hide of deer, elk, caribou and

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