How Has Alcohol Prohibition Affected America

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The Eighteenth Amendment affected America not only economically but also promoted health and affected America`s crime rate. Specifically the United States of America seen a rise in American`s health such as liver health, in addition has seen a decrease in the economy and crime rates, related to assault and women abuse charges. My paper will demonstrate the ways in which America`s alcohol prohibition caused an economical downturn with dramatic fluctuations in the economy and changes in American societal behaviour`s. This will include an overview of America`s crime rates and economics before, during and after the alcohol prohibition to examine how America was affected by the enforcement of the Eighteenth Amendment.

The economy of America before the Eighteenth Amendment, was shown to see the start the anti-German hysteria by the political organizations that advocated for Prohibition, most outstandingly the "Anti-Saloon League (ASL) and the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)". The beer brewing industry in the United States had been identified with the German immigrant community. …show more content…

The Volstead act was used as a heavy influence with the importance of putting the law into effect. Enforcing the alcohol prohibition in America cost approximately "$300 million to the American government" . It was also seen that some states relied on alcohol to fund large portions of their budgets, but now that money was gone. The federal government lost approximately "$11 billion in tax revenue while spending funds on trying to prohibit alcohol". It become evident through the economic downfall both the states and the federal government began to rely more heavily on personal income taxes to fill their

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