How Huck Finn Lessons Learned

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In the story, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is about a young boy and a runaway slave throughout the journey it has many obstacles which Huck has to make decisions with. The future students need to read this novel because it teaches the value of friendship and what it truly means. Another reason would be teaches you that you can’t always think about yourself throughout difficult decision. Lastly, it teaches you the journey that Jim and Huck had to make throughout the story. Huck has changed though the course of his journey by becoming kindhearted, selfless, and taking action to protect others especially Jim. In the story, Huck became selfless when he helped out other especially Mary Jane and Jim. According to the story, when Huck was going to tell him, but …show more content…

In the beginning when Huck decided to runaway with Jim far away from Miss. Waston. Huck fakes his death so Jim and Huck will not get caught in the act. Huck is being mindful in the meantime to not just himself, but for Jim too who was Miss. Watson slave. According to Huck Finn, he said, “All right”, I thought, now they will think my dead body is the river. I can stop anywhere. Jackson’s island is good enough for me...” This shows that Huck wants to be on the down low not to get in trouble by Miss. Waston. If Jim get caught he will get killed and they have posters bidding if you can find Jim. The reward is winning $300 to find the runaway slave. In chapter 8, Huck gets caught while dressed as a lady, the man brings him into his home. His wife told him to let “her” go and then told the lady how “she” as Huck got there. Huck fibbed and said “Sara Williams. I live in Hookerville, seven miles below. I’ve walked all the way and I’m all tired out.” In conclusion, Huck is brave to continue down the river with a runaway slave and he is not afraid to take

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