How Is Atticus Finch Honorable

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Catherine Pulsifer, an inspirational book author, once said, “Your character defines who you are by the actions you take.” In other words, your actions will always speak louder than any words you speak. Honorable actions are what build an honorable character, which is what can be said for Atticus Finch, a character from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus Finch was a righteous and honorable man who displayed many of Kamehameha Schools’ E Ola! Learner Outcomes, used to shape students into culturally, strong servant leaders. Atticus Finch is an especially great portrayer of the values of Kūpono, Mālama and Kuleana, and Kūlia. To begin with, Kūpono means to have an honorable character built on Hawaiian and Christian values. Atticus Finch …show more content…

value of Mālama and Kuleana. It’s a known fact that the services of a lawyer are pricey. Atticus has an impecunious client, Mr. Walter Cunningham, a farmer whose family was hit hard by the Great Depression. Atticus still willingly provides services for him, well aware that Mr. Cunningham can’t pay him in cash. As an alternative, he permits him to repay him in other ways. When Mr. Cunningham is over at the Finch house, Scout overhears him telling Atticus that he never knows when he’ll be able to pay Atticus back and Atticus tells him not to worry. Curious, Scout asks Atticus if he’ll ever be paid by the Cunninghams. In response to Scout’s questions, he replies with,” Not in money, but before the year’s out I’ll have been paid”(23). Atticus is also a great exemplar of selflessness. He completes tasks for others and doesn’t expect big things or anything in return. Scout later shares that she and her brother Jem awaken to see stovewood, hickory nuts, smilax, and holly, all left by Mr. Cunningham as a token of his appreciation to Atticus. When Mr. Walter Cunningham’s son, Walter is invited over to the Finches for lunch, Atticus plays the role of an outstanding host. Knowing that Scout is one of young Walter’s bullies at school, he makes sure that Scout doesn’t pick on the poor boy and make him feel any sort of

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