How Is Cornelius Vanderbilt A Captain Of Industry

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Cornelius Vanderbilt: Captain of Industry
When America began its journey into industry, the country immediately flourished. Inundated with immigrants, factories were easily staffed; jobs were given out to any individual who wanted one. However, some of these large industrial companies flourished more than others. Cornelius Vanderbilt, for example, became one of the richest men in the country. Many Americans believe that business owners like Vanderbilt should be given the name “Robber Barons” because of their great accomplishments; however, in contrast, others like to deem them as America’s “Captains of Industry”. I believe that Cornelius was a true captain of industry because of his strong will, entrepreneurial mindset, and eagerness for success. …show more content…

Attending school rarely, he cared more for the family business than anything else. Later, as Vanderbilt began to operate his own business, he continued to demonstrate a strong passion for what he did. Year after year, the steamship business continued to bring in more revenue. In addition, when Vanderbilt began to purchase railroad, the profits continued to go up. Without his strong will, Vanderbilt’s massive fortune never would have taken place.
Having a strong mind like Vanderbilt is admirable among many; however, his brilliant and creative mindset made him stand out above others. Not only did this man set out to monopolize the steamboat industry, but he followed the trends of the economy as well. Seeing the opportunity to invest in an exponentially growing market, Vanderbilt decided to begin his journey with the railroad. In early America, seizing the chances you had as a businessman were

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