How Is Dave Pelzer Abused

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Dave Pelzer Dave Pelzer was abused by his alcoholic and unstable mother. Dave claims that his childhood wasn’t always like a burden though. He says his family was a replicated version of The Brady Bunch; his mother was a picture perfect stay at home mom. Dave’s first time in the first grade was when he was five. Dave was always looking on the bright side of things even through his struggles. He always thought about his future positively. Dave Pelzer began being molested by his mom when he was in first grade,but Dave always had patience knowing that God would help him get through this. The start of being harmed by his mom began when his dad was away. Dave’s dad was usually at work since he worked all day at the San Francisco Fire Department. One day while Dave’s father was away, his mother beat him until she had broken his arm. When Dave visited the doctor, his mom lied about the injury stating he had fallen off his bunk bed. The second time Dave had gone through first grade, his mom had prevented him from eating dinner and he was forced to …show more content…

Other students had started coming up with mean nicknames such as “Dave The Food Thief”. Dave was constantly doing chores since he was his mother’s “slave”. He had so many responsibilities that most children wouldn’t have. Dave had felt like he wasn’t even part of a family or had his own life he wasn’t even allowed to be in the family car. Dave started stealing food from When the trash can at home since the store owner had found out about Dave stealing food and had report Dave to his mother. When Dave’s mom found out he was stealing food from the trash can she had sprinkled ammonia and even placed in rotten food on purpose hoping Dave would learn his lesson. Dave’s mother once even got so drunk and enraged that she stabbed Dave and didn’t even take him to the hospital even when the cut had become infected a few days

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