How Is Julio Cortazar Similar To The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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Did you know that The Fall of The House of Usher has a somewhat real house built? “ A real house of Usher was located in Boston” (“Didn’t Know”). Most high schoolers read this story and also the House Taken over. This Essay will compare and contrast the techniques used by Julio Cortazar & Edgar Allan Poe. Although a lot of people will have a different opinion on what the biggest similarity between these two stories is. I think the biggest similarity is that there are two brothers and they both have a sister. In the story The Fall of The House of Usher, this quote is talking about a brother having a sister “of a dearly loved sister — his only company for many years. Except for himself, she was the last member of his family on earth” (Poe, “The Fall”). In the story House Taken Over there is also a quote that explains how there was a sister in the same household. For example, the “ simple marriage of sister and brother was the indispensable end to a line established in this house by our grandparents” (Cortazar, “House Taken”). The fact that they both have sisters in common, and how they are somewhat both “married” in some way to their own sister is extremely weird. That …show more content…

One of the main differences I thought these stories had was how they earned their income of living. In The Fall of The House of Usher, they earned their income by “had long been famous for its understanding of all the arts, and for many quiet acts of kindness to the poor” (Poe, “The Fall”). In “House Taken Over”, they made a living by “We didn’t have to earn our living, there was plenty coming in from the farms each month, even piling up” (Cortazar, “House Taken”). Yes, both of these families were rich, but however, they did make their income in different ways. Some were famous and their art, but the other had a farm that made the money by themselves. This makes these two stories have a different style of living as

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