Comparing The Fall Of Usher And House Taken Over

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Put your essay here. I have copied the graphic organizer I used onto page 2. You don’t have to use it, but you can if it helps you. HERE are the instructions and examples I showed in class. Did you know that Julio Cortazar the author of “House Taken Over” spent a little bit of time in prison for opposing the government of Juan Peron? (“DonQuijote”) In his most famous story, the house is basically taken over by demons and spirits, The two individuals are very independent, they like to do things alone such as knit and read. House Taken Over is based on Edgar Allan Poe The Fall of Usher. This essay will compare and contrast the literary techniques used by Poe and Cortazar are setting, dialogue, conflict, and imagery. The two stories use sound imagery to enhance the story. Edgar Allan Poe does this when he writes, “I began reading again, and quickly came to a part of the story where a heavy piece of iron falls on a stone floor with a ringing sound” (Poe, “The Fall”). The author uses this quote to give the reader an understanding of what it sounds like when you read it. Julio Cortazar does this when he writes, “During the day there were the household sounds, the metallic click of knitting needles, the rustle of stamp-album pages turning” (Cortazar, “House Taken”). Here we see Julio Cortazar using sound imagery to help you …show more content…

Poe uses this setting when he writes this, “with my first sight of the building, a sense of heavy sadness filled my spirit” (Poe, “The Fall”). House Taken Over uses a cheerful setting. He uses this setting when he writes this, “The dinning room, a living room with tapestries, the library… Only a corridor with its massive oak door separated that part from the front wing… One entered the house through a vestibule with enameled tiles, and a wrought-iron gated door opened onto the living room” (Cortazar, “House Taken”). These two stories use different

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