Romanticism In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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The Fall of the House of Usher is an example of romanticism. It 's a very gloomy story, which begins, with an unnamed narrator, that receives a random letter from his friend Roderick Usher who is far away from were he lives. The letter us about Rodrick complaining that he isn 't feeling well and he is asking the narrator for help. Also the story reveals that Roderick 's sister is also feeling ill and they are the only ones left in the Usher family. The narrator tries to distract and cheer Rodrick by playing the guitar and he loves the paintings that Usher has in his house. Roderick lives in a big, creepy mansion were there is a lot of dying plants. Roderick than, tells the narrator that his sister Madeline is his twin. Than Roderick tells the narrator to help him burry his sister, which is alive, since he doesn 't want to take his sister to the doctors because he thinks that they can cause her more damage. So they buried her somewhere in the house. As the days pass, a storm hit to the creepy mansion and Roderick feels kind of nervous and goes desperately to the narrator 's room and the mansion was noticeable in the darkness. Roderick was so nervous, that the narrator woke up and he read to Roderick a novel to calm his nerves. When the narrator was reading the story to Roderick they started hearing sounds in the house. As the narrator was reading to Roderick he felt more nervous and he distinguishes this sounds are his sister, that she was buried alive. Later the door

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