How Is Macbeth A Tragic Hero

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A tragic hero is one of shakespeare 's favorite things to make a story on. He has wrote some of the most influential and best stories ever written in his generation as well as nowadays. The whole premise of shakespeare’s tragic hero is so we can see both good and bad that they do but most of which see the error of their ways in the end. In the story of Macbeth, the tragic hero is macbeth and he makes some bad decisions that cause him to fall from grace. The main character macbeth is not a tragic hero though. A tragic hero sees the error of their ways and at least tries to make a change, but the main character Macbeth does not change his ways. But for the reader to understand this you must go to the beginning. In the beginning Macbeth was the hero of the…show more content…
Now this is normally where the tragic hero realizes the error of his ways and tries to change. That or someone shakes some sense into him and tell him what he has been doing is wrong. But that is not the case with Macbeth he keep on doing things his way and keeps making bad decisions. The way it is going right now in the story it looks like it can only get worse and it does. The next major thing Macbeth does is hire those same three murderers to kill Macduff, because the witches said that Macduff is someone Macbeth should be afraid of. So when the Murderers go to kill Macduff they find him not at his house and then decide to kill his wife and kids. This is where the story goes bad for Macbeth and it is his end. The story is ending with Macduff leading an army to defeat Macbeth, but every soldier that reaches Macbeth gets killed by him Because Macbeth is the best fighter around. But when Macduff gets there Macbeth starts to slips up. Then during the fight Macbeth finds out that that the last things the witches said came true, he loses to a man that was not woman born. It turns out that even in the end he didn 't feel bad about any of the things he had done, he was more of a villain then any type of tragic
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