How Is Power Shown In Of Mice And Men

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Power is when someone may control, have more responsibilities than others, or more rights than someone or a group of people. Of Mice and Men is about 2 guys named George and Lennie who ran away and wanted to build the “dream farm” so they go work on the ranch and meet a ton of people but… Lennie causes trouble. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, power lies in trust because when people on the farm trust someone they listen to them in critical situations.

Lennie always listens to George no matter if he has any idea what George is saying or not. Lennie would never try to hurt anyone but when George tells Lennie to fight Curley he does it. “George yelled again, ‘I said get him’. Curley’s fist was swinging when Lennie reached for it” (pg. 63). When George tells Lennie to fight even if he doesn’t wanna, Lennie does it with 0 hesitation. George told Lennie not to talk and Lennie actually agreed not to say a word. “George gestured with his spoon. ‘What you gonna say tomorrow when the boss asks you questions?’ Lennie stopped chewing and swallowed. His face concentrated ‘I… I ain’t gonna… say a word’” (pg. 15). Lennie trusts George and thinks George knows what he’s doing so he goes along with …show more content…

Candy was debating if he should kill his dog or not so “Candy looks helplessly at him for Slim's opinions were law” (pg. 45). Candy doesn’t wanna kill his dog but if Slim says he should then he has to and would do it. George listens to Slim when Slim told George to hunt down Lennie and for George to tell him what direction Lennie probably went. “Slim sighed. ‘Well I guess we got to get him. Where you think he might’ve went”’ (pg. 97). George listened to Slim and went with him to kill Lennie even though George wanted to kill Lennie himself so he told Slim south. Slim has a lot of power over people in the ranch and he tells people what to do and they

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