A Brief Look At Andrew Carnegie

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“People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocracy no matter how impressive their other talents were.”- Andrew Carnegie
All of these Titans were never able to settle with just being mediocre like an everyday citizen. J.P Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and John D. Rockefeller made our country by being smart, a risk-taker, and competitive. Without them who knows where we would be today. Some people can be smart in math, others in science, and some are just brilliant in entrepreneurship. When Morgan found a need in safe lighting he did not hold back, he found a well-known and trusted scientist. Thomas Edison had already been working on the light bulb and John knew it was it was the next big thing. Nevertheless, he got the word out and pretty soon electricity was helping all of New York. Carnegie also demonstrates intelligence, when he finds something he knows he can’t do alone, …show more content…

When Rockefeller gets one of the best offers he could ever get by Vanderbilt, to fill all of his trains everyday with oil. But there was one major problem; Rockefeller could only provide half of the order. Instead of doing the reasonable thing and saying no, he says yes. Later Carnegie was asked to build the first bridge to cross the Mississippi River without any experience. Without any hesitation Carnegie puts a team together, get all the information he needs, and starts to build the bridge. But that not it he choose to make the bridge out of steel which is very expensive and hard to make in bulk. Later it was a major success. Furthermore, when young Vanderbilt started out his career he sees a possibility in shipping with ships instead of carriages. He makes a very risky move by putting all of his money into boating, not knowing if it would work, or

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