How Montag Changes In Fahrenheit 451

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The future is an unforeseen battle we all have to somehow prepare for, the only thing that matters is how you prepare and how you want people to recognize your name when you pass. Montag does not like the way his life is going, repetitive and plain, he realizes he is not happy and changes the outcome of the way his life is going to be for the later years. Guy Montag sees the lies the government is trying to tell and he chooses to preserve the books instead of burn them. The world and society that Guy Montag lives in is all falling to pieces, the government chooses what they want the people to learn and hide the truth. Montag’s wife is lost to the electronics and lies, she does not love Montag, it is an unhealthy relationship. Montag does not like the lifestyle he is living, destroying people's passion of reading books and destroying society and the world around them. Montag disagrees with the governments laws and believes that books can be helpful and full of knowledge. The firemen are ruining the world as we know it, influencing people to not own books, even going as far as killing the people if they have to. One of the reasons the …show more content…

Millie is a victim of all the lies and the electronics and media, she was taken over by the government and she is so tied up in it that she lost her love for Montag. Millie and Montag can not even remember how they met each other, neither seem to care. The unhealthiness of their relationship affects them both critically, losing the love for one another, they are both very unhappy and Millie does not seem to care, all she cares about is her TV programs and the technology she runs off every single day. Montag felt guilty that he did not feel sad when he knew that Millie could possibly die right there in front of him, he felt

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