How Does Montag Change In Fahrenheit 451

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Bradbury changes the character Montag throughout the novel Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury transforms Montag at least three times in the novel. Bradbury developed him mostly through his job, social life, and through the experience of books. Montag loves his job in the beginning of the book; after he realizes that books are for reading and are not meant for burning he hates his job. Montag loves his job, “Kerosene,” he said because the silence had lengthened, “is nothing but perfume to me.” He was referring the kerosene that he puts on the houses to burn them. After he meets Clarisse and Faber he starts to get interested into reading books. Now that he is starting to see the good in books he doesn’t like his job and doesn’t want to burn anymore houses down. Bradbury changed other aspects other than his job. …show more content…

He really didn’t socialize with his wife, nor other people. He really didn’t think either. When Clarisse asked him if he was happy he really couldn’t respond. He really didn’t know what it meant to be happy. All he knew was to run and do everything that he had to do fast. That is what his society was about they never really stopped and looked at the things in life. Towards the middle to the end of the story he found the meaning of happiness. He found it through books. Montag learned that it’s not right to burn/kill something that makes you happy. There was one more aspect of Bradbury changing Montag throughout the

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