How Okonkwo's Change In 'Things Fall Apart'

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Kedrick Brooms Me.Wulf E.L.A P.6 E.A- For Things Fall Apart How Okonkwo changed from the beginning and the end of the book Things Fall Apart. You would think people are strong but somethings can hurt them and mean a lot to them. Everyone wants to be strong it’s just certain things that make them who they are. In this essay you will be reading about about how Okonkwo hanged from the beginning to the end of the story and how things drastically changed. In the book “Things Fall Apart“ Okonkwo is a very strong man and from time to time he starts showing his true self. He has a lot of responsibilities and other things he has to do around the living environment and interact with lots of people. Okonkwo changes from being that strong man, to a man who feels like his tribe is not with him when he wants to go to war with the missionaries. For someone like Okonkwo a lot of people looks up to him and while in the tribe Okonkwo beats his wives and children. Not good behavior for someone who is supposedly looked at as strong. You may think a person is okay but in reality is all different. Okonkwo was looked at as the person of the village and when the missionaries came everyone was surprised because they were staying in their villages. Okonkwo was depressed and he ended up hanging himself. I feel like if they would have handled the situation differently things would have been better but in the time these things occurred a lot of stuff was not the same. Okonkwo

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