How To Write An Essay About The Market Revolution

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The Market Revolution The market revolution began with the rapid growth of inventions that changed the way farmers made and sold their goods; because of this the market revolution gave more opportunities to women that completely changed their lives. The market revolution provided women with more so called “challenges”, it gave women more job opportunities outside of the household in which they would usually be in spending their time cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the children. While men were out working to meet the high demands of this new market industry, other women filled in the men's places in jobs like sewers and fitters in the new large-scale shoe and clothing operations owned by merchant capitalists. This event that women took on soon changed …show more content…

Before the market revolution women did not have much of a purpose, women were taught the importance of their life was to get married, complete the husband's wishes, and to have kids. In order for women to fit into society they had to do what they were taught to do, if any women ever tried to do anything different than the others it would be wrongfully of them to try to drift away from their unofficial way of life. If the woman was to be single they were allowed to own property if and only if they inherit that piece of land, for the most part women had to have a male figure as their shield in order to do things outside the household. Once married women gave up their rights to their husbands, like giving up full custody of their children nor they could file for divorce unless their soon to be ex husband initiated the divorce. Once the market revolution began many women the opportunity to have a job out of the household, which initially gave women a hope to feel part of the working men

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