How To Write An Essay On The Tuskegee Experiment

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The Tuskegee Experiment The Tuskegee experiment was a mind blowing experiment that was conducted by the Public Health Service (PHS). This experiment took place between 1932 and 1972 in Tuskegee, Alabama and lasted for forty-years. It affected many African-American males, who were used as human “guinea pigs” in order to track the movement of Syphilis and how long the disease will take to kill someone. The men used for the experiment was not aware that they were a part of this study; instead they thought that they were being treated for having “bad blood”. The U.S Public Health Services gathered 399 black males who were affected with the disease and 201 without it, who were offered free health care and insurance for their participation. Meanwhile the affected men were made to believe that they were receiving treatment but they weren’t receiving anything at all. The goal of the U.S Public Health Services was to study this disease in order to see how it reacts in the black …show more content…

By the time the study was exposed to the public, about seventy-five percent of the men involved with the experiment died from complications of the disease. The study was found to be unjustified in August of 1972 by the Hoc Committee, which proves that there were people who cared about the effect that this experiment had on the men and families who were involved. In conclusion, the Tuskegee experiment was an unnecessary experiment in my opinion. Although the goal was to see the reaction of syphilis in African-American men as oppose to white men, the effect it had on these men was not worth the experiment. Out of the 399 black males who were used apart of the experiment, only eight survived. The Tuskegee Experiment caused a lot of harm to those men in Alabama and affected many

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