How Vietnam Changed My Life

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Jackie Robinson once said“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” Traveling to Vietnam changed my life forever. In 2012 I visited three different orphanages while in Vietnam. They gave me a new appreciation for what I took for granted. Citizenship, teamwork, and persistence have helped me break through both language and culture barriers. I decided to have a fundraiser for the children at Tam Ky baby orphanage. I designed a raffle, which raised $1100 for Tam Ky baby orphanage. A few weeks later weeks later on April thirteen my mom, Nana, and I boarded Korean Air, flight 036, for a fourteen and a half hour flight. After we landed in Korea, we boarded one last five-hour plane ride to Da Nang, Vietnam. A few …show more content…

Thanh Tam school is truly a remarkable school that takes care of children with a wide variety of physical and mental disabilities. The school takes in children with disabilities resulting from exposure to Agent Orange and disabled children from deprived families. The school is run by Sisters of St Paul of Chartres, a marvelous group of women that take care of these children. We were lucky enough to attend Thanh Tam carnival which helped raise money for their school. At the carnival, we played many games with the ecstatic children. For example, we played ring toss, but instead of trying to get the rings around a peg, we had to try and get it around a gooseneck! We also made a wish by writing it on a piece of paper, tying it to a balloon, and letting it go. The delighted children gazed at the sky hoping that their dream would soon come true. The children went around the carnival laughing and grinning, partaking in every single game. During the carnival, children with the disabilities were selling their spectacular art. There were bookmarks, sketches, sculptures, and the most astonishing paintings. These wonderful and special kids were so unaware of their magnificent

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