The Importance Of Friendship In Huckleberry Finn

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain in 1885, is a novel about a young boy named Huck Finn. The novel is about Huck’s journey facing prejudice and discrimination with a runaway slave and the challenges he faces along the way making an attempt for their freedom from an abusive father and a slave owner. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn can be described as a bildungsroman because this is a story about a young boy who learns lessons about adult life while on a journey. One of the main lessons that Huck Finn learns throughout the story was the importance of friendship and how the definition of a friend changed for him. Huck Finn learns how to be a true friend to Jim and what true friends are through the obstacles that they face together.
This is one of the fist examples of friendship shown in Huckleberry Finn. While traveling down the river, Huck and Jim get separated in the fog. Huck eventually …show more content…

Huck did not expect this but Jim refuses to leave until Tom gets a doctor to help him. Huck is a witness that Jim truly cares about tom and that he is a good friend. This act of kidness suggests Jim cares more about Tom being okay than his own freedom from slavery. Jim does stay by Toms side and Huck went out to get a doctor but Huck says “I knowed he was white inside” (263). I think Huck means by this that he can truly see Jim for who he is and not his skin color because most slaves would not care about a white man being shot because most while males are slave owners. o "Well, den, dis is de way it look to me, Huck. Ef it wuz him dat 'uz bein ' sot free, en one er de boys wuz to git shot, would he say, 'Go on en save me, nemmine 'bout a doctor f 'r to save dis one? Is dat like Mars Tom Sawyer? Would he say dat? You bet he wouldn 't! Well, den, is Jim gwyne to say it? No, sah- I doan ' budge a step out 'n dis place, 'dout a doctor; not if it 's forty year!" pg.

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