Huck Finn Research Paper

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Message Behind Huck Finn Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a great part of American literature. In the book, the n word is used more than 200 times, but Twain did not merely do that to just use the word; he had a strategy. The n word has had the same meaning over time; it still has the racist and horrible connotation. Twain’s purpose for using the word is to bring about change within his society. In the time when this book was being written, racism was a popular aspect of the white people so they only thought of the black people as slaves. Twain wanted to change the white people’s perspective and wanted to change how they treated the black people. In the book, Twain showed how the lives of a slaves were and how terribly they were treated by…show more content…
It is an excellent strategy to know our history so we will learn from our mistakes. Leaving the n-word in Huckleberry Finn and teaching it in its original form is the best solution for this argument because people need to know the truth. If a parent does not want their child associating with that word, then maybe they are too young to be reading Huck Finn. The students of today need to know what happened to black people and the suffering they went through because of the racist white people. They need to be open to reality because protecting them from every harmful idea that comes their way will be detrimental to them in the future. In the future, they will not be able to think for themselves because others always told them what they can and cannot do. We can not have bosses and doctors and lawyers and business people and firefighters who can not problem solve and make decisions for themselves. If we protect them from a past that we may still see some of today, then they will never know what reality is and that will be hard for them to processes when they have no one to protect them and tell them what to do. Students of today need to be exposed to these kinds of events to know how to treat others of different racial backgrounds so they know how to get along and be just good people to one another. Students need to know how terrible slavery was and discrimination in order to get them to have their own thoughts and believe that they will change this world for the better and they will know that they do not want to go back to a past where you were lucky if you were born white and you hated your skin and hair and beautiful eyes because you were
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