Human Nature In The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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Human nature is the feelings, attributes, and behavioral traits that all humans share. Many works of fiction use multiple ways to convey messages that readers can relate to, to help them have an extensive understanding of the story. Since human nature is found all throughout society, authors incorporate actions that the characters take, which teaches people to think before they act. Different fictional books often reveal elements of human nature through a conflict between the characters during a certain event in a story. In “The Possibility of Evil, the main character, Miss Strangeworth, gave people her opinions on different topics by writing mean letters to the townspeople because she thought “there was so much evil in people”, eventually …show more content…

In “The Tell-Tale Heart”, the narrator decided to murder a man, then cut up the body and hide the dead corpse under the floor, and was very proud as he told the police to search well, but then heard “A LOW, DULL, QUICK SOUND” where the body was, causing him to admit the deed (Poe 3). Since the narrator cut up the body, there was no way the heart was still beating, which meant that the narrator was eaten up by his own guilt. A lot of people get eaten up by their own guilt and end up telling the truth which gets them into even more trouble. Edgar Allen Poe used this story to tell readers to think before they act, because once an action is taken, it usually can’t be taken back. Comparatively, in “Ambush” The protagonist Roger suggests to Officer Sullivan “[m]abye Joey Bacon?” as a suspect for selling fireworks in the park after remembering the scar Joey gave him (Woodward 1). The author was teaching readers to never do something to another person they’ll regret, because it could cost them in the future. Even though Roger knew Joey probably wasn’t the one selling fireworks, he wanted to get back at him from what Joey did to him in the past. Altogether, the ability for readers to be able to relate to the story, through the relationships between the characters, can help them effectively interact with people of all

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