Humanoid Robots In The Social Hierarchy Structure Of The Abbasid Dynasty

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Within this part of the creative project, it sheds light on the portrayal of humanoid robots in the social hierarchy structure. The social classification has invariably promoted the sense of the others, meaning who appear to look different than the public appearance. Politics, financial capacity, and familial lineage were the aspects that reflected who belongs to which category. For example, in medieval Islam, women were to portray within the second social stratum since tribalism and patriarchy attend to deploy men within the peak of the social diagram. As well, effeminate during the traditional Islamic period were to be seen within the low rung of the social stratum; employing merely in occupations like singing and entertainment. Nevertheless, …show more content…

Politics and social networking sufficed the elite slaves to engage in the political sphere in the Abbasid reign.With the involvement of their intermediary tasks, this had procured the eunuchs' to indulge in pre-eminent administrative …show more content…

And where he (al-Mu'tadid) showed unpleasantly with the way Jafar was distributing his grapes with his friends; sadly alleging that his son would not seize the fortune to rule in the forthcoming. According to al-Tabari's report, Safi al-Hurami was nearby the sultan al-Mu’tadid on his deathbed as the caliph could no longer speak; al-Mu’tadid communicated with Safi through using signs and gestures. During his son succession, Safi as well was seen nearby the successor caliph in his deathbed (al-Muktafi) who began losing his mind; therefore, al-Hurami passed his seal to the vizier to sign essential legislation papers. “During the sultan’s temporary recovery, Safi informed the caliph that two Abbasid princes seem to be mobilizing support.”Prompting the sultan to secure the succession of the young Jafar al-Muqtadir, Nadia el-Cheikh pointed. Throughout this historical anecdote, the proximity of the eunuchs to the caliph because of their sincere devotion and loyalty; deployed the elite servants to function in a multi-tasks that empowered their political position. In

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