Hunger In Elie Wiesel's Night

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The Holocaust was the worst thing to ever take place in history. Many people lost their faith, their family, young children lost their innocence, and many, young and old, lost their life. These weren’t the only things that got lost during the war; many lost their mind as well. Whether it was losing your family or for hunger these people suffered a great deal. In the concentration camps, many people got separated from their families and that torn them apart. For example, in the book “Night” the main character, Elie, was in the train that was on its way to Auschwitz. During the train ride there a lady, Mrs. Schachter, who lost all her family but one of her sons, went crazy and started screaming out that she saw a fire over and over again. Consequently, the people on the train got fed up with her and they gagged her and beat her unconscious. Effectively, the fire Mrs. Schachter saw would create one of the most gargantuan problems and fear of their camp life. As a result, the fire she saw was the crematorium where they would burn victims of the camps. Mrs. Schachter represents the prophecy because she warned them of a future danger. …show more content…

For example, in the book “ Night” Elie was in the roll call with everyone else and there was a tank of soup resting there. Consequently, there was a guy who was getting closer and closer to it. Effectively, as he got to the destination of the soup, he paused looked at it, and started screaming while drowning himself into the warm liquid. As a result, they evacuated everyone from the lot and killed the guy. This guy represents the life during The Holocaust because it shows how mad they would get with the little portions of food they

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