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Electricians in Huntsville, AL Alabama has its share of Do-It-Yourself homeowners. It isn’t due strictly to popular television shows, but comes from the inner thinking of Alabama natives who have long been DIY types with an inclination for innovative thinking. Although many citizens of our beautiful state are quite capable and knowledgeable of home repair skills, electrical repair, upgrades, and installation is an area the average homeowner should leave to professional electricians in Huntsville, AL. Electrical accidents are responsible for as many as 6000 injuries in the home every year, with a cost of almost $1.5 billion in damages resulting from electrical fires and accidents in the home. These figures are the reason a number of homeowner’s …show more content…

Seemingly, simple electrical work can have serious consequences when not correctly performed. A common source of safety hazards due to DIY electrical work is the installation of new switches and plugs. Switches and Outlets Their installation seems straightforward, yet they are a common source of home fires and shock. However, the DIY homeowner isn’t always the cause. Age and wear contribute to the hazards, and this is why your home should receive a periodic electrical inspection. Screws loosen, plugs wear, and rodents can chew through wire insulation. Whenever a light switch crackles or arcs when you turn it on, or the lights have a habit of flickering when the light bulbs are tight, it is time to call Mister Sparky’s electricians in Huntsville, AL for inspection and possible replacement. In addition, when outlets spark, lose power, throw a circuit breaker, or can no longer hold a plug firmly, it time for their replacement. Furthermore, if your older home still has two-pronged outlets, call our residential electricians for replacement. National building codes require the modern 3-prong outlets be installed in all new constructions and replacement projects in older homes as

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