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Robert Neville lives in a house alone, and is apparently the only human left among all the others, who are vampires. His wife and daughter had died due to a disease that turned humans to vampires, but he is immune to it as a result of having been bitten by a vampire bat when he fought in a war in Panama. He keeps his house protected from them with items like garlic, mirrors and crosses, and also by creating physical barriers for them. The vampires, which include Ben Cortman, his former friend and co-worker, come out at night and assault his house with stones, while the women try to attract him and bring him outside, which Neville struggles to resist for his safety. Neville gathers supplies at daytime and goes from house to house and kills …show more content…

He then thinks about the past, in which he and Virginia were in bed and Virginia was feeling extremely weak. Neville persuaded her to stay in bed and they then discussed the frequent dust storms, that were a consequence of the recent war, and even mosquitoes were an issue, which worried them due to the diseases that could be spread. Robert Neville then investigates some of the factors that harm vampires. He first studies the components of garlic, but eventually is unable to find a substance in it that specifically harms them. Next, he wonders why crosses cause them to become so terrified. He attemps to get information out of one of them, however, she does not say anything. His idea of testing running water fails due to Ben Cortman discovering it, and even his theory that vampires die due to hemorrhage after being stabbed is proven to be …show more content…

He gets convinced that it is caused by a bacteria, and spends time looking under the microscope and reading books to find out more, yet gets frustrated and depressed due to not being able to find anything. Soon he gets distracted when he notices a dog at daytime on the street and tries to follow it, since he thinks this would get rid of his lonelinesss, but it flees. Neville then regularly puts food for the dog outside his house and gains its trust, but he later sees that it is ill and takes it inside, and the dog soon

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