I Have A Dream Thesis

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of firm beliefs and morals. He believed with every inch of his heart, mind, body, and soul that the world could rise above these dark ages of discrimination and move on to a brighter more free time. Though he did not live to see the day, his efforts were not in vain. Today many of the people in today's society still choose to walk on the same path of are hateful racist ancestors. Some have chosen to move past this eternal conflict and that's exactly what martin was aiming for although, not everyone can see eye to eye. The speech that everyone knows. The speech that changed the course of history forever. The speech that shook the hearts and souls of all kind of people. Martin was a very smart and religious man. He didn't believe that it was right to hate on blacks because they were, well, black. In the speech widely known as I Have A Dream Martin talks about how he hopes one day all people of all kinds can join hands and stop this injustice judgment they bestow upon the negroes. …show more content…

One person says that the speech had a good purpose and set a more free future for the little black children of the new generation but it also directed a lot of anger and anxiety towards the whites. Some people even believed that his speech could possibly be for the worse and ruin the peace they have. People who watched martin on the day of the speech all had different opinions. Some of them probably sat there and ignored it or laughed. Some maybe even disagreed. Everything rolls down to perspective and begin biased. The people who disagreed with the speech have a high chance of being racist or a different

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