Ice Break Short Story

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Ice break
Love is one of the truest and strongest forces on earth. However, in the everyday rush some families seem to forget how important it is and try to hide away their problems from themselves and others. Children’s abilities to sense an underlying conflict is often underestimated, forcing the family to act like nothing is wrong. The short story Ice Break is written by the Canadian author Astrid Blodgett, and deals with the parents failed attempt to protect their children from conflict and danger.
At the beginning of the short story, we are introduced to the main character Dawn and her two siblings, Marla who is the oldest and Janie who is the youngest. Dawn is supposed to go ice fishing with her dad alone, but she persuades Janie to
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It is through Dawn’s observations that the parent’s dysfunctional marriage is revealed. The text deals with many different themes, but the two most important ones is love and that things are not always as they seem. Love is the underlying theme of the story and has a great significance in the way that the characters act. As an example, the parents try to hide their problems in order for the family to live as happily as possible, deciding that they do not want to burden their children with their…show more content…
However, Dawn knows how upset she was about them going out so late in the season and that the mother has not forgiven Sam the way she indicates to the media. Once again, this confirms the theme when the mother tries to hide away her true feelings. The children craves the comfort of their mother acknowledging her own and thereby their feelings towards losing their beloved sister and father. They keep waiting and expecting her to come forth and deal with their problems but she never truly does.
All in all ‘Ice Break’ serves as a reminder to cherish the little things, but also to be honest about your feelings regardless of the fact that they might hurt others in the process. In order for a problem to be dealt with, it needs to be addressed properly. If not the unconditional love may perish as a
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