Irony In Desiree's Baby

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“Desiree’s Baby” is a twisted and heart wrenching story that takes place during a time of great racial inequality. The Devil seems to be very busy throughout the world as he escalates situations and spews lies into the thoughts of men, tearing them from their beloved families. The story “Desiree’s Baby” summons up a very saddening irony that the prejudiced Armand learns that it was his mixed parentage and not that of his wife which produced their mixed-race child whom he detested and rejected.
Desiree’s child brings both Desiree and Armand together in love. Desiree’s baby in the story plays a crucial part in Armand’s life for the few months they were together. “Oh, Armand is the proudest father in the parish, I believe, chiefly because it is …show more content…

The natural attraction between the young couple seems too good to be true at first. Full of love and joy, the two live a happy life only for a moment of their lives. Had it not been for differences in us human beings, the two would have been a match made in heaven. While most of the blame can be put onto Armand, we must take note that the unjust hierarchy set in time weighs down upon her husband, almost forcing him to make such a rash and irresponsibly decision. A love story set and ripped down by fate ending in three if not many more broken hearts. Had Armand’s mother stepped into his life and made it known that she is of the decent of people cursed with slavery, Armand may have never even ended up with Desiree knowing his place and role in society would have set upon his mental. While I do not hold Armand as a villain and someone who’s spirit is converted unto a spirit of that which represents Satan himself, I believe is ultimately on the losing side of this story as he learned of his identity after the fact he drove away his family. Leaving him alone with his thoughts and slaves. now infringing upon his authenticity to own slaves regarding his

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