Idaho Serial Killers Essay

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Serial Killers in Idaho

Have you ever wondered was there any serial killers in Idaho, and if there is, were there any really bad ones. Paul Ezra Rhoades, James Edward Wood, and Lydia Trueblood. These were the people that terrorized the state of Idaho many years ago. Paul Ezra Rhoades, born January 18, 1957, in Idaho Falls a male, 6’2”, Weighed around 259 pounds. Paul Ezra Rhoades has had a record for small time arrests starting from age 21.If the cops were right in there suspicions, Rhoades started killing people in utah, 3 victims Christine Gallegos, Carla Maxwell, and Lisa Strong. Then Rhoades started to kill people in Idaho,February 28, 1987,21 year old Stacy Dawn Baldwin was abducted while working at the Red Mini Barn convenience store in Blackfoot. She was then taken to a secluded location and shot several times. She died approximately an hour and a half later. then on March 17, 1987, Nolan Haddon, a 23 year old student, was shot five times while working at Buck's convenience store in Idaho Falls. His body body was found in the store's walk-in cooler. Then on March 19, 1987,
Susan Michelbacher, 34, a special education teacher, was abducted in a parking …show more content…

Police believed that Wood comitted dozens of murders and raped 85 woman and 185 robberies but then could only find enough evidence for the 1 murder where a Paper Girl (Jeralee Underwood) was abducted by wood, where he brought her to the woods, that's where he rape her and shot and killed her, he left but he came back that's when he Sexual Mutilated her body and then he dismembered her body. Wood was arrested and confessed to murdering Jeralee Underwood, then he showed authorities where her body was. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection but he died on death row of a heart attack on January 30, 2004 From a Newspaper “Jeralee Underwood, 11, Died June 29,1993, after being abducted by a stranger as she was working her paper

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