Imagery And Foreshadowing In Butterflies By Julia Alvarez

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It was useful for Alvarez to apply literary and rhetorical devices to enhance the appropriate understandings of her symbols, and foreshadowing in her novel. The four sisters were most known as “Las Mariposas”, which in the English language translates to Butterflies. “Even in the church during the privacy of the holy communion, Father Gabriel bent down and whispered “Viva la Mariposa”” (Alvarez 259). Butterflies are known for its beauty, freedom, and short term lives. Which all three known facts represents the Maribel sisters, they had the face of angels but strong and determined to fight against Trujillo and the regime. They truly believed in civil rights and preached out that everyone has a voice. There were plenty of foreshadowing I caught reading the novel. …show more content…

The interviewer says “And where are you?” (Alvarez 6). This is a sign of foreshadowing that all three of her sisters were going to die besides Dede. Another sign of foreshadowing that I noticed that involved the sister’s deaths. Still in chapter one, “A chill goes through her, for she feels it in her bones the future is now beginning, By the time it is over, it will be the past, and she doesn’t want to be the only one left to tell their story” (Alvarez 10). Within that quote you can feel her emotions through her words about her sister’s death. She feels chills thinking about her future although it’s her past that is affecting her capability to move forward and her heartbreaks of having to be the only one to survive the tragedy and recite the story to others

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