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In The book Best Nerds Forever by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein I will be explaining how the authors use multiple plot lines throughout the book, to get readers to predict, set up the problem and stir sympathy and many more. The authors use multiple plot lines much more in the story but there will only be three in this paragraph. Getting readers to predict a quote that matches the multiple plot lines but got readers to predict. Set up the problem which matches with multiple plot lines but also sets up the obstacle the main character has to overcome. Stir sympathy a quote that also matches multiple plot lines but gets readers to have sympathy for a side character or the main character. The authors use multiple plot lines to get readers predicting by trying to get readers to try and finish the story that Isabella can't remember.``I remember I was wearing my bright yellow rain slicker on a rainy day. My Dad had to pick me up for school. My Mom and Dad had gotten divorced. My phone started to buzz. It's a call from her fathers personal assistant; he won't be driving me to school today. We won't be spending the weekend together. Something came up I was all alone on the sidewalk standing in the rain I ran to go get on a bus and got off at a gas station”(Patterson pg 186-187) this quote shows that Isabella couldn't remember how she died, so readers would probably try to think on what happened next and where she died there could be a bunch of possibilities. This …show more content…

“But why are you hanging out at school? she shrugs. It feels safe and familiar . I mean I can't go home, not after what I did i'm afraid to move on to whatever comes next”(Sharron pg 80). This quote shows that Isabella didn't want to leave her safe zone at school. So she doesn't really want to find out how she died and move on from her after life at the school. The next quote will also connect to

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