Examples Of Equality In Anthem

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The Path Towards Equality In Anthem, Ayn Rand creates a world where unbroken laws erase individuality and displays the plea for control against anarchy in the world. The laws created prohibit individuals from standing out from one another, prevent individuality, and create a uniform “we” in order to keep people from thinking about themselves. Equality envisions a society that will not only destroy this “we” but it will also create a world of choice from the individuality gained with the word “I”. The pride that Equality grained throughout the story and his numerous transgressions will help direct his society in the direction he wants it to go. Such a society will encourage the growth and development of one’s self and the rules Equality lived through before discovering his own identity will not only serve as …show more content…

Such thoughts are only expanded upon with the creation of electricity when Equality truly begins to doubt the Council stating “But we think that he Council of Scholars is blind” (52). This becomes the turning point for Equality as he continues resisting the beliefs of the Council. Soon his disbelief begins to change Equality creating a pride that becomes the driving force for his decisions. When Equality discovers electricity, he takes credit for the discovery proclaiming, “We, Equality 7-2521, have discovered a new power of nature. And we have discovered it alone, and we are alone to know it.” (52). This statement about discovering it alone shows that Equality’s pride may prevent him from reasoning with people who think otherwise. This pride comes face to face with this issue when the council argues, “What is not thought by all men cannot be true,” and that “the thing must be destroyed” (73-74). As Equality develops unbreakable pride, he soon believes that what he is doing is right and should not be stopped. Later stating, “Now let us be lashed for it, if we must” (52). This

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