Anthem By Ayn Rand Equality Analysis

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Equality Changes Overtime The book Anthem by Ayn Rand is a very interesting book. At first, it is confusing to the reader because of the use of the words we and us instead of I. The main character, Equality 7-2521 introduces himself in the plural form. The reader takes a while to figure this out. Rand wrote this story in 1937 in a form of a diary. The era that Equality is in is after the Great Rebirth. It seemed like a very strict world to be living in at that time. Their leaders are the Council of Vocations enforced those rules, and the people that over-rule them are the World Council. They strictly made everyone follow certain rules and they made the people use the word “we’ instead of I. They wanted everyone to be equal instead of different.…show more content…
After the Great Rebirth technology was destroyed. They had no electricity, no light, nothing but candles and paper. In this primitive, collectivist society Equality feels guilty for breaking the laws but at the end, he realize there is no reason for him to feel guilty. In the first and second chapter, it started off “It is a sin to write this” (1; ch.1). Equality always knew he was an unusual and odd boy to begin with. He wasn’t ever so fond of the idea of breaking rules. While he is writing in his diary he said to be forgiven for breaking the law. “And we know there is no transgression blacker than to do or think alone” (1; ch.1). The reader suspects that Equality writing in his diary is his very first time breaking a rule. In the first chapter. he starts to talk about himself. Equality 7-2521 is six feet tall and they can’t even see themselves in a mirror. Equality thinks he is born with a curse because he is not like his other brothers. He asks more questions,…show more content…
“Our discovery is too great for us to waste our time in sweeping in the streets” (17; ch. 6). Equality wants to show someone. Then he knew that the World Council of Scholars are going to meet in his city. He is determined to show them his invention, light. Equality is sure they will forgive him for breaking all the laws that he made. By then Equality starts to care about his own body when he was taught not to. Equality wonders how he looks, how strong his body is but in that era “it is evil to have concern for their own faces or bodies” (62 ; ch 6). In chapter seven Equality has gotten caught. He lost track of time and he ran to the Home of the Street Sweepers the place where he was supposed to be at. The Council of Home questioned him about where he was, Equality would not tell as he thought of his light in the glass box. After that they took him to the Palace of Corrective Detention. For thirty days they lashed Equality until he spoke. They lashed and lashed him so much, Equality was bleeding but he still kept his secret about his invention and where he was. He counted down the days and he knew that tomorrow the World Council of Scholars are to meet in his city. Equality knows that is easy to escape from the Palace of Corrective Detention.There are no locks on the door also they have no guards about. There was never a reason to have guards at door because no men or women defined the
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