Impact Of Black Codes On African Americans In 1865

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In the 1865, the Civil War ended offering more freedom to African Americans. The Black code, Freedman’s Bureau, and the Civil Rights Act of 1865 offered more freedoms to African American people. At the end of the Civil War, the African Americans had a lot more freedom from which they had before. In the Freedman’s Bureau, it offered a ‘’ride’’ from slavery to freedom. It’s job was to bring slaves from the South to their freedom up North. The Bureau was run by a war department and It helped them by getting justice in state courts and settling disputes between the landowners. Also, the Black Codes set up many freedom’s for the African Americans with some restrictions. The Black Codes During the era of Reconstruction gave them some freedoms. They were able to acquire property, sue or be sued, make contracts, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and protection under law. …show more content…

President Andrew Johnson had tried to veto the Civil RIghts Act of 1865 but it was overturned and the act became a Law. President Johnson’s attitude toward this led to the growth of the Radical Republican Movement and it also increased intervention in the South, more help to former slaves and also to Johnson’s impeachment. The Black Code, Freedman’s Bureau, and the Bill of 1865 are all prime examples of how the African American’s have freedom. In 1865, the Civil War ended offering more freedoms to all African American

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