Spirit Of Declaration Of Independence

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Declaration of Independence, The Spirit of 76 Described as the most important document in human history, the Declaration of Independence is a document written in 1776 that declared America’s independence from England, a unanimous decision made by the thirteen United States of America. It spoke of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness as part of our freedom. The major thought of the declaration basically acknowledges God (creator) to be above all earthly kings and that all of man’s rights come from God. It laid out the spiritual principles that form the basis for their reasoning. It spoke about all men as equal creations and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit…show more content…
But the problem is, we seem to have forgotten the foundation of these rights and our very existence. We live in a day and age where, despite the advancement in technologies and our understanding of science, our understanding towards the importance of life and its accompanying rights is rather miniscule. The people have the responsibility to abolish the current government who seem to not really care so much about majority of America. And yet, we the people are not being heard. Take this gun violence issue that our country is facing for instance. It should have been just one gun violence if only the government did something about the problem right away. But because the NRA provides millions of money in funding to a lot of politicians, any idea for gun control is immediately shut down. It doesn’t matter if thousands of lives are lost each year. It doesn’t matter that our rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are in jeopardy. Our government seem to only look at these victims as casualties, but the business goes on as…show more content…
Funding from lobbyists and companies matter more to the government than the children and teachers losing their lives in schools, or our veterans losing their lives overseas over wars that we didn’t sign up for. In fact, even freedom of speech doesn’t seem to be so free after all. Because despite the fact that you are supposed to speak your mind freely, a lot of us are afraid of how the public might perceive it. If majority doesn’t like the sound of your declaration, you are easily subjected to getting bullied, fired from a job and getting ousted from a position, or be an outcast from a community you once called your home. Sometimes I feel as though freedom is overrated. It comes with too many strings
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