Why Is The Declaration Of Independence Important

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The Declaration of Independence is made famous by Thomas Jefferson and it was implemented by the Second Continental Congress. It contains details on how the British colonies of North America obtained independence in July of 1776. It begins with the preamble which describes the need of colonies overthrowing their leader and choosing to ultimately act as a individual country in the world. There are certain rights that governments should never break, since all men are created equal. The rights include: living, freedom and pursuing happiness. If a government were to fail in protecting these rights, it is then the responsibility of the people to conquer the government. A government should be created by the people which is designed to protect the rights. Although it is rare, governments should not be …show more content…

Self-government and a just judicial system for the colonists were both affected by the King. The King along with the Parliament established legislature that disturbed the colonies, lacking their approval. This then enforced taxes on the settlers. It was essential to section British militaries, eliminate their right to prosecution, and to avert them from free trade. Both the King and Parliament are responsible for the total destruction of American life and property by their denial to guard the province borders, their seizure of American ships, and their aim to employ imported soldiers to battle the settlers.
The colonial governments attempted to come to a settlement within the differences, but were constantly overlooked. British citizens that were enticed by colonists were also overlooked, although they shared a mutual legacy. The colonists declared independence from Great Britain after numerous attempts.
The new nation would be called the United States of America and have zero associations with Great Britain. The government would hold the power to impose conflict, form amity, create treaties with foreign

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