Examples Of Fidelity In To Kill A Mockingbird '

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Atticus Finch like most people had struggles: he struggled between justice and fidelity. He showed fidelity to his children and always did his best to make sure they never hated anyone out of fidelity to him. He showed fidelity to his own siblings despite his disagreements with Alexandria his sister. He showed fidelity to his maid Calpurnia and made sure she kept her job, despite his sister trying to get rid of her. Atticus showed justice to everyone he met. He treated them all equally and gave them respect despite their social background, their race and ethnicity, and their income. Atticus will always be tied to a sense of justice because he is a lawyer. Throughout the book we see two sides of Atticus: one side is in touch with the law, while the other turns a blind eye to the law. Although Atticus is a lawyer it is implied that he did not enjoy the field of work and was forced to take Tom Robinsons case. As mentioned previously, his family did not fully support is decision to take the Tom Robinson case. Although he shows his family much fidelity and has fears about accepting the case, he chooses justice. This is important because Atticus feared how him taking the case would affect Jem and Scout, he eventually pushes his fears aside, and accepts the role he had been given to play. Many people disregard the changes that Atticus and his family faced when he accepted the case. As previously mentioned Atticus was well respected in the town, but after taking the case people

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