Does It Make Sense For Atticus To Defend Tom Robinson

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Does it make sense for Atticus to defend Tom Robinson? It make sense for atticus to defend Tom Robinson, Although it is impossible to win the cast because of discrimination of the society he live. Even though many people believe defend Tom Robinson it not the right thing for Atticus to do, that doesn’t stop him from fulfill his job as a lawyer. There many reasons why it make sense for Atticus to defend Tom Robinson. One reason why it make sense for Atticus to defend Tom Robinson is because of his lifestyle, which based on the golden rule as well as his personality. For example, Atticus mention to Scout that, if he didn’t agree to defend Tom Robinson he wouldn’t be able to hold his head in town (pg:) This example reveals that, Atticus regard himself as a model for the role society and his family. In order for them to follow him he have to do the right thing, which is defending Tom Robinson. Atticus Spend the night looking …show more content…

For example, in the courthouse Atticus talk about the fact that all men might not be equal on knowledge in education, but in the courthouse all men have the same equal rights(Pg:274). This example proves that, even though Tom Robinson is black he have the right to have a lawyer. Also Atticus believe his job is to make sure all men have the privilege of that equal rights no matter what their skin color. “I’m simply defend a negro-his name’s Tom Robinson”. This evidence reveals that, Atticus regard Tom Robinson as any other client, by defend Tom Robinson is to maintain justice in the society. Beside all Atticus believe anytime a white man treat a black person unapropriate, that man have no value in the eyes of the society as well as himself(pg:290). As a result of Atticus being a lawyer make him have more reason to defend Tom Robinson in order to maintain justice in the society he live

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