Importance Of Murder In Malaysia

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Murder is an unlawful act which is killing another human being without justification or excuse. According to the section 299 and 300 in Laws of Malaysia (Act 574 – Penal Code), murder is whoever cause death by acting with the intention of causing death while culpable homicide is murder in certain situation It is a wrongful act and immoral as all the human being are equal and have the right to life. Therefore, no one has the right to take the life of anyone by the act of murder.
In Malaysia, the violent crimes which includes murder and rape increased from 14811 to 15098 cases over the year from year 2012 to 2013 (Sukumaran, 2013). Since the society has the highest interest in preventing murder, a strongest punishment should be given to deter murder. Thus, a dead penalty apply to the murderers. The main aims of dead punishment towards murderers are retribution and deterrence.
Retribution defined that punishment is what should be deserved in return of a wrongful act. This theory always similar with a notion of “eye for an eye” justice, which means that the imposed punishment is equal to the harm done. This penalty is also supported by the deterrence theory which defined that the punishment is a means of discouraging others to commit in murder. It shows to the people the consequence of killing others and so they would less likely to commit similar offense (Fieser, 2011).
First of all, based on the social morality theory, murder is a type of crime that is anti-social, every
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