Central Pacific Railroad Research Paper

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The Central Pacific Railroad
The Central Pacific Railroad connected the states from east to west coast and provided efficient transportation for the United States. The Central Pacific Railroad is a rail route between California and Utah. It was built from the east coast in the 19th century; this railroad is the first transcontinental railroad of North America. Theodore Judah Was the first engineer who conceived and decided to build it and the Central Pacific Railroad. In 1862, the plan got financial backing from the Pacific Railway Act. Both Central Pacific and Union Pacific received grants and subsidies from the government. Beyond the abundant support from the government, the need for the transcontinental railroad was obvious. To hold the …show more content…

Whom were all ambitious businessman and loaned huge money to finance this project. The reasons why the Railway Engineering cost was so high are for the following, $16,000 per mile orbit in plains grasslands, $ 32,000 per mile in the hilly terrain, and $48,000 per mile in the mountains. To aid their efforts, the government provided abundant land. According to the book -- "Union Pacific Railroad," “by historians Joe Welsh and Kevin Holland, an amended Pacific Railroad Act of 1864 increased this figure to twenty alternate sections” (or around 12,000 acres for every mile completed). Additionally, the federal loans from 16,000 dollars to 48,000 dollars. Union Pacific may only provide rails, fixing plates, nails and other required products. Also included cars and locomotives, had to be transported in ocean-going vessels all of the ways around South America's Cape Horn to reach …show more content…

Also, it brings a lot of benefits for America. For example, after the central Pacific railroad completed, it made the communion and trade became more convenient. Before the Central American Pacific Railway was completed in 1869, the eastern and western parts of the United States were covered by mountains, forest, and desert, without a convenient transportation route. That is why the central Pacific railroad was so hard to build. Americans from New York to San Francisco need to travel by boat, the shortest time to six months. It did not only impact economic development but also it made the government more difficult to control the country. The development of this transcontinental route provided a vein that could carry information, people, and goods across the whole mainland. The subsequent railroads that were built only paid tribute to this stately merits and achievements that changed the course of American history. Though the age of exploration and the wagon trains was over, the central railroad embodied the American spirit of the United States, which has made American overcome many difficulties on the way. The Central Pacific railroad finally united the two estranged regions of this land and finally united the United

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