Importance Of Untouchability

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to be treated in many parts of the country:
• The so called dalits or untouchables are denied entry in the temples in many parts of the country especially in villages.
• They are not allowed to sit next to people from the higher castes during any event or celebration. Their food and tea counter are also kept separate.
• Dalit children are also not allowed to sit with the other children in schools in many villages.
• These people cannot marry people from the other castes.
• These people cannot even use the same burial ground as those from the higher castes.
Abolition of Untouchability
After getting independence from the British rule, it was decided to abolish social evils such as untouchability. Article 17 was thus added in the Indian constitution.
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People belonging to the Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) have been given reservation in the field of education and also when it comes to securing government jobs. A certain quota is reserved for these classes. Though the reservation system is opposed by general public however it is still intact.
Untouchability is a heinous social evil that has been prevalent in the society for decades. It discriminates people on the basis of their caste. People belonging to the lower class are mistreated and denied several privileges in the name of untouchability. Though untouchability has been abolished by the law however it is still practiced in many parts. There is still a long way to go before it is completely abolished from the country.
Untouchability Essay 5 (600 words)
Untouchability is a social menace that has been prevalent in India since ages. People belonging to the lower castes are denied the right to equality in the name of untouchability. Mostly referred to as dalits, these people are not recognized by their current occupation but the work done by their four fathers. No matter which rank or post a person is working on if his/ her ancestors were engaged in menial tasks such as cleaning and sweeping and were regarded as untouchables, that person will also be referred to as

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