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Topic: In Building American Identity unit four was about the tragic hero.
Developing Sentences: The tragic hero is usually seen as a person in power, which persuades the idea that the hero is a king or queen. Yet, the tragic hero can be a normal person, which develops the image of a hero who does what they think is needed. The hero takes a path that they believe is right, which suggests that the consequence that happens is tragic.
Introduction of Evidence: The hero is someone who doesn’t go down without a fight, which is shown in this quote.
Provide Evidence: “…his inherent unwillingness to remain passive in the face of what he conceives to be a challenge to his dignity, his image of his rightful status.”
Explanation of the Significance of Evidence: This quote shows the hero can …show more content…

Topic: In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the character Han Solo is a tragic hero.
Developing Sentences: Han Solo is a man that doesn’t have power like a king, which emphasizes that a hero can be a common man. Han is also the father of Kylo Ren who is on the enemy’s side, which builds the idea of trouble happening. Han is asked to help fight the enemy and bring back his son, which implies an unreachable goal.
Introduction of Evidence: Han feels that to fight and get Kylo back is needed, which establishes a goal.
Provide Evidence: In the scene where Kylo is found, Han explains to Kylo that he should come back home, but Kylo doesn’t believe he can go back and ends up killing his father.
Explanation of the Significance of Evidence: Han’s actions to make what he believes is true, expresses that Han is a hero. Han dies fighting for something good, which highlights the tragic ending for the hero. Han believing Kylo could become something good is Han’s flaw, which defends the nobility of his actions.
Conclusion: Han Solo is a tragic hero that desired for good, however that wasn’t a reachable

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