In Cold Blood Sympathy Essay

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Sympathy for all

Truman Capote was a well known author for Breakfast at Tiffany's, House of Flowers and his most famous In Cold Blood. The one he is most famous for, In Cold Blood, is about the spontaneous murder of the Clutter family; it sparked a new genre of writing - the nonfiction novel. The book describes how the detectives are solving the murders and also includes the perspective of the ones who committed the crime. Capote additionally encompasses the towns people’s outlook on the situation. He was able to create sympathy for all characters in this book, including the murderers and also show that there are always two sides to every story by using the rhetorical devices of pathos, foreshadowing and conceit to create the effect of giving …show more content…

Additionally, it could be used to inform the reader of the later happenings. The first time the book announces one of the family members will soon die is “Then, touching the brim of his cap,he headed for home and the day’s work, unaware that it would be his last.”(pg 13). The quote is saying that Mr. Clutter would no longer come home from a day’s work because he would be deceased. It causes the readers to have an emotional connection due to them knowing what is going to happen to the character before the individual in the book does. Another time Capote utilizes foreshadowing was when saying how many people died in the murders. Towards the beginning of the book it says “At the time not a soul in sleeping in Holcomb heard them-four shotgun blasts that, all told, ended six human lives.”(pg 5) All four of the Clutters died that night but it does not tell us who the other two were that passed. One can only assume that the other two were the murderers. The reason that the writer included this information was to set the whole foundation of the story. Foreshadowing is used to make a story more suspenseful. Since we the readers then knew that the Clutters would die, it prompted them to feel unpleasant for

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