In The Mood For Love Film Analysis

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Wong Kar-wai’s film, In the Mood for Love, follows Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chow as they explore the possibilities within their spouses’ infidelity. As part of the mise-en-scène, Mrs. Chan appears in different colored and patterned cheongsams. Her costume is primarily utilized to draw attention to her internal emotions and/or connection to the setting. This is demonstrated in the selected clip of Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chow in the diner, in which Mrs. Chan acts as Mr. Chow’s wife. The light blue floral cheongsam that Mrs. Chan is dressed in highlights her tense state of mind as she struggles to assume the role of Mr. Chow’s wife and become part of Mr. Chow’s world.
The bright cheongsam in the dark setting draws the eye to Mrs. Chan and the way the dress is pulled tightly across her shoulders and chest. The medium close-up films the light blue cheongsam, decorated with green leaves and yellow-and-orange petaled daffodils. Tightness of the cheongsam around her shoulders works to describe her rigid posture as uncomfortable. Previously, Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chow lived as if they were part of separate worlds, before discovering their spouses’ infidelity. The cheongsam displays the rigidity that comes from being uncomfortable with dining with Mr. Chow as his wife, having to select a meal that his wife would typically eat and act with her mannerisms. Furthermore, the daffodil pulled over the middle of her chest, in a sense, her heart, expresses a deeper meaning. Feelings for one another will be

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