In What Ways Did The Han Dynasty Improve Government And Daily Life In China

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Taylor Burke Mrs.Schweighardt World History, Period 6 8 February 2023 In what ways did the Han Dynasty improve government and daily life in China? The Han Dynasty was one of the first Dynasties that brought back the idea of Confucianism into their government and ruling system. After many years of following Legalism, the Han Dynasty decided to Soften the harsh rules that the Quinn Dynasty left behind and introduce Confucianism which helped influence the people to have moral standards that they show to elders, friends, and family. Confucianism also introduced a new way of organizing society. Instead of one having to live a life based on the bloodline, They were now able to create a life based on their ability and knowledge. Normally, In other dynasties, a civil servant was guaranteed the job of a government official because of their bloodline, but Confucius begged to differ. Confucius decreased the value of bloodline and increased the purpose of one's knowledge and ability. In order to get a job as a government official, a …show more content…

One of the examples That the Han Dynasty improved daily life in China was their inventions farming techniques. Farmers always had their deck stacked against them and could never catch a break due to the high difficulties they had while farming. They had unpredictable floods and droughts which often destroyed their crops, so they came up with the invention of a chain pump. The chain pump helped them get easy water access from low irrigation ditches and canals up to the fields. Another invention was iron plows; iron plows helped the farmer push unnecessary dirt away from the row while plowing. Another invention that helped farming was the wheelbarrow; The wheelbarrow made it easier for Farmers to transfer Goods. By the Han Dynasty creating these new inventions, it brought farming to a new level and was easier than

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