Their Eyes Were Watching God Strength Essay

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A person 's strength can be defined in many ways. Strength can come from money or birthright. It can come from building muscle or studying books. Whether for good or bad, power comes from bountiful copious sources. The Novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston follows the life of a Biracial woman named Janie as she struggles to find love and happiness in her confusing life. The novel begins showing Janie as a young girl. Hurston explains Janie 's family history by recounting how her black mother was raped by a white school teacher, leading to her biracial nature. The story instills in the reader a reason to be against white men. The novel is centered around the main motif of hair and most specifically Janie 's hair. Throughout the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie 's hair represents her strength as a woman, and by showing how a woman 's strength collides with both masculine ideals as well as white power, Hurston shows ingrained problems of acceptance within the world. Janie 's physical features as a woman, most importantly of which is her …show more content…

She shows how strength comes in in all different manners. Power can come from a person 's physical features, through good deeds, or money. Janie 's hair is an example of a woman 's power, and Hurston uses Janie 's hair as a way to introduce the idea that strength causes conflict in the world. Hurston used this conflict throughout the book warn society about how it could be running itself off the rails, and by giving an early warning Hurston shows that she believes that society will be able to correct its own course by becoming more accepting. Zora Neale Hurston uses a woman 's suffering as well as black inequality to warn the world about their inherent fate. She shows how people should put aside their differences, and become one strong group of people rather than many individually, variously strengthened

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